About ValleyCat Studio

ValleyCat Studio is an art studio based in London and created by artist Valerie Goldstein in 2021

to create, showcase and sell paintings, limited addition prints and other decorative art.


Plans are currently underway to expand the scope of ValleyCat Studio to include art-led interior

design, as well as the sale of home furnishings that incorporate the artistic works of ValleyCat Studio

and other original art.





About the Artist

Valerie Goldstein is a self-taught artist whose body of work focusses on abstraction.


Her pieces explore contrasts between light and dark, colour blocking, monochromatic shading, the

effects of overlapping and blending of multi-chromatic colour, and the seductiveness of geometric pattern repetition. Valerie’s paintings incorporate a variety of forms and textures and the playfulness of fluorescents and other vibrant colours.


The dominant medium used in Valerie’s current collection is acrylic (and other water-based paint) on

canvas.  She has recently started experimenting with a variety of mixed media and collage

and intends to exhibit these works later in the year.


Valerie was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and has lived in London since 2002. Prior to

becoming a professional artist and entrepreneur, Valerie was a corporate lawyer specialising in

private equity.